Saturday, November 08, 2008

what a day...

it was was friday, everybody are excited for the weekend and in the mood to work. unfortunately lots of interruptions came in. very slow inernet connection and intermitent blackouts. ending, we only came out with 11 desc out of at least 25 in a day..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

plastic bags.. sa wakas naa nakoy pics!

Trendy plastic bags... finally got pics of these! her goes jnet!

My first Lorega experience

My trip to Lorega, more or less two hours travel from Davao City. We left our houses at 7:00 for the Ecoland terminal. We waited for 30 minutes before having the trip. The way to Lorega is really nice. Lots of sceneries and people busy of their daily routines are the casual things that you might encounter on the streets. The fog is heavy so there were some areas where you really can't see the views. Salute to the bus driver coz he still managed. Upon arriving at Lorega I was really amazed of the temperature. It was really cold. I haven't been to Baguio yet but at least now I know what to expect. I should have brought thicker jacket so I could have enjoyed the cold temperature more. such a nice place.. but very cold.. thanks to kuya Gil and family for the invi. too bad I spoiled the fun.. and Alex's too.. sorry.. :(

We went to the highway to wait for abus to ride. We went down at 5:00 and guess what, its already dark. People at that place sleeps early. It its kinda new to me that as early as 5:00 you can no longer see people loitering around. But surely, that isn’t going to be my visit to Lorega, for if invi goes on my way again, sure I won’t say no!