Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Trip to Waig Crystal Spring Resort

A former co-worker of mine told about a beautiful place situated in the province of Bukidnon. Nature lover as I was, I didn’t wasted time to search about the resort. Right upon seeing the site, I couldn’t just relax and decided to plan an immediate gateway to such a wonderful creation.

Waig Crystal Spring Resort is a 3.6 hectare of land with myriad of interesting adventure-filled score of activities to do. It is located in the beautiful province of Maramag Bukidnon that is about four to five hours of travel from Davao City and about three to four hours from the city of Cagayan de Oro. In our case, we came from Davao City and left at about 2:30 in the afternoon. We reached the municipality of Maramag at around 8:00 p.m. because of some delays on the way; road repairs and accidents. From Maramag bus terminal, we negotiated a tricycle (there are other means of transportation in the said municipality, only buses and tricycles) to bring us to the resort. It costs us, (only two of us) P100.00 pesos for the fare. We are totally stranger to the place so we actually don’t have an idea how much is the minimum fare. Another 15 minutes of travel was taken. Since it’s already quite dark, I got a bit frightened because the way to the resort is very dark, no street lights and you often encountered vehicles around.

Finally we reached Waig Cystal Spring Resort and even though it’s already dark, I just can’t help but to appreciate the peacefulness of the place. It is truly an ideal place for nature lovers and for people who want to temporarily be away from the stressful noise of the city. Tired from the travel, we headed to the information and talked to a very polite attendant for our reservation. The rate for a standard room, good for two people is P1,200.00. This is for an overnight stay and includes free breakfast for two. We are very much lucky because the room that we occupied is fronting the entire view of the resort. The place is very cold and very much conducive to long hours of sleep. It is also wifi covered so it would be a lot more fun if you have your gadgets along with you. After taking a nap, we heard our stomach growling so we decided to go to their dining area for dinner. Orders are served until 12:00 and it was still 11:00 so we are just lucky. Since it’s about to be midnight we just ordered sandwiches and two bottles of juice drink. Based from experience, we recommend that you bring your own food because the affordable room rates are justified with the rates of the food, our very light snack costs us almost P250.00 pesos.

Nothing can be compared to the beauty of sunrise along with the cold wind that greets you in the morning. Plus the laughter and the smiles of families and children playing in the resort’s 4 huge swimming pools are truly heart warming. We hurriedly took our breakfast and joined our selves to the refreshing waters. The resort has also a cable car and a zip line amenity for added adventure. Since our check out time is 12:00 noon, we left WAIG CRYTAL Spring resort with a smile and a decision that we will definitely coming back to such a marvelous place.