Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What are the Major Characteristics of a Good Website?

If you are thinking of launching your own website, then make sure that it is a good one. You need to come up with a really good website to get on top of the others that will capture the attention of potential readers and customers. Here are some of the key characteristics that you need to take note of when it comes to creating a website.
  1. Appearance – The visual appearance of a website is probably the first impression that a reader will have, so you have to think of ways on how to attract potential readers right away. Use text that is very easy to read, mixed with a great color scheme that is soothing to the eyes. Your graphics should be highly relevant and meaningful, but should not overload the page.
  2. Functionality – A website that is not functional will definitely lose a lot of readers in just a minute. So if your website has a very poor construction and structure, with components that do not really work at all, you have to make the necessary adjustments. Double check all the components of your website to ensure that everything is up and running. This includes your registration forms, links, and search bar, among others. Also, your website should be free from grammatical errors, wrongly spelled words, and misquoted facts and information.
  3. Great Content – Having a good website means that you should also have great content. Your website needs to have a lot of substance; otherwise, your readers will not be interested in going through the rest of your site. A website should contain a lot of information that are highly relevant and helpful for readers and customers. Add content that will capture the attention of your readers, not one that will only bore them with lots and lots of text. You might want to hire a great writer if you want to maximize your website’s full potential.
  4. Degree of Usability (Navigations) – This is a very important component of a good website which keeps your readers captivated to your website. Your site should be quite easy to navigate, read and should have content that is highly understandable. Keep your site simple but filled with great and informative content. Test your website in the latest versions of internet browsers to ensure full usability. Also, your pages should load in just a few seconds, so as not to keep potential readers at bay.
  5. SEO or Page Ranking – SEO, or search engine optimization, is not really that complicated. You just need to start with some basic rules, such as the use of competitive keywords in your articles and notes. It is a great idea to fill your website with written text using HTML. You should also avoid a lot of clutter in your website and take note of your overall layout and site structure. There are a lot of other rules when it comes to search engine optimization, so make sure to check out other sources to make your website more effective.

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