Friday, March 07, 2008

My beloved ring…

I have these two rings given to me by my Mom when I was still in third year high school. Since then I have been wearing it and that was more or less 8 years ago. By now I can hardly remove it for I feel bare without it in my hands. I remembered when I was in college, a classmate told me that I should not put rings in my ring fingers because there was this hearsay that this blocks my love life. She said that this will keep me away from men. I just laugh at it coz I don’t cling to superstitious beliefs. Funny though, I had this long time suitor who turned out to be her boyfriend. After college, I had my very first boyfriend. Unfortunately, he left for a job overseas so to cut the story short, the relationship didn’t work.
Our superiors in work advised us, (being all girls and singles in the office) to really pray to God to give us a loving man to be a partner in life. According to her, we should really pray for it so as not to fall into wrong persons. We just laughed at it again and decided to follow their advice. However, due to some busy schedule or just a mere act of stubbornness I really never had the time to pray for my love life. But a phone call came to me this morning with a friend and told me a story that she know a girl who have been in a relationship wherein she never felt being loved by her boyfriend. My immediate reaction is this, “why keep on holding a one way relationship??” But at the back of my mind, what if the same situation happens to me. Woman as I am, I am vulnerable to these kind of affair for who am I to be excluded. But a big no, no… A certain denial came in to me. Before going to work, I decided to drop by the church to have a moment of talk to my one precious and only LISTENER. I lighted a candle and prayed.
Consequently I noticed that the stone in my ring is gone. I remembered still seeing it this morning. I felt bad noticing it for as I have said, it has been with me for years. What does it mean?? Was it just a coincidence? I really can’t tell.
To love and to be loved, that’s all remains to be seen not only for me but for all of us. But the more important thing is that, we should entrust everything to HIM. For He knows what and who is the best for us…

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